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Welcome to SHRADDHA Healthcare and Nursing

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SHRADDHA healthcare & nursing started off in 2006 quite humbly by highly experianced physicians Dr Prabhat Kumar(expertising in healthcare field since more than 40 years) and Dr Rajeev Kr Gupta(MD in Internal Medicine) who is well known & talked about for his quick and correct diagnosis, personal involvement in each case and humbleness.
Soon enough dedicated care of our in-house physicians & gynaecologist Dr Priya Kumar(MD) was recognised and the nursing home was turned into a full fledged multispeciality health care centre with more than 25 specialists from different fields caring for patients 24/7.
SHRADDHA's motto/ logo-'professional care with personal touch' says it all.
The paramedics are well trained and expertise in caring for outpatients,admitted and post operated patients.They are synonyms of humbleness and dedications.They have underwent first hand training under Dr Priya Kumar and Dr Rajeev Kr Gupta.Serene surroundngs,friendly staffs and relaxed and homely atmosphere of this nursing home immediately puts you in great comfort.
Inspired by the huge number of excellent reviews-thanks to our consultants counsellings,personal care of all staffs and 24/7 service of diagnostic laboratory and emmergency care SHRADDHA plans to expand its services in other locations as well in near future.